About Pionyr Immunotherapeutics

Pionyr Immunotherapeutics is developing cancer immunotherapies that target the tumor microenvironment to enhance the body’s antitumor immunity. The company is exploiting novel target discovery and antibody generation platform technologies to create the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics. The company’s approach, Myeloid Tuning, is designed to enhance the immune system’s anti-tumor response by altering the cellular infiltrate of the tumor microenvironment with high specificity.

Pionyr’s Myeloid Tuning technology is based on the discovery that altering the tumor microenvironment to favor immune-activating cells over immune-suppressing cells enhances the body’s ability to combat cancer, particularly in combination with checkpoint inhibitors.

The company was founded in 2015 by Max Krummel, Ph.D., a professor at University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, and a member of Pionyr’s board of directors, who has been making significant strides in immuno-oncology since the mid-1990s, and Sachdev Sidhu, Ph.D., formerly of Genentech and currently head of protein engineering and antibody discovery at the University of Toronto. Dr. Krummel is the co-inventor of Yervoy, the first checkpoint inhibitor, which was approved in 2011 to treat melanoma. Pionyr has exclusively licensed technology based on Drs. Krummel and Sidhu’s work.

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